June 21, 2023

BudEase: A Friend Matchmaking Service ( With Form)

The Ease of Finding a Friend

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well.  My friend matchmaking service is up and running; we've already made a few matches and are excited to make more!  Look below to find the information form and get started! 

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to copy and paste the form into your preferred writing program.  Once completed please send the form to me at rhoajo01@gmail.com.

Please Read our FAQs:

What is BudEase?  BudEase (pronounced buddies) is a friend matchmaking service with the goal of connecting individuals with developmental diagnoses (and their families) together to form lasting friendships and relationships.

How much does BudEase cost?  BudEase is a FREE SERVICE.  There are no fees associated with participation.

Who can use BudEase?  BudEase is for anyone of any age (and their families) who has a developmental diagnosis including but not limited to: Autism Spectrum Disorder; Down Syndrome; Fragile X; Cris du Chat Syndrome; ADHD; CP; etc.

What happens once I submit my information form and disclaimer?  Your information will be kept confidential and will be added to our database which stores the participant information used to make the matches.

How are matches made?  Matches are made based on individuals' shared interests, relative age, verbal ability, and general geographic location.

Is there a timeframe that I can expect to be matched to someone? Unfortunately not.  Matching is based on connecting individuals on the above parameters.  It may take time to find the right match as a result and is dependent on the number of appropriate participants in the service as well.

What happens once a match is made?  Once a match is made you will be contacted by BudEase to inform you that you have a match.  Once both individuals, or their guardians, agree to the match, contact information will be shared so you can set up your first get together.

Does BudEase arrange meetings between matches? Unfortunately not.  BudEase cannot serve as an coordinator of meet-ups between matches.  Doing so is the responsibility of the individuals or their parents.

Anything else?  As previously mentioned, submission of the form to BudEase DOES NOT guarantee a timeframe for getting a match nor that a match is guaranteed.

Terms and Conditions for BudEase

When filling out this form, I understand that I am sharing my information at my own risk to

connect with other families in my community.

I certify that I am over 18 years old and that I am the guardian of the child I am enrolling.  I

certify that I am using this service as a good intention.  I agree that I will NOT use this

information unlawfully, stalk or harass people in this group, or misrepresent my identity, age, or

my intentions.

I understand that Budease (and those that work for them) will only use my information to share

with other families in my area.  Budease will not share your personal data with anyone outside

of the Budease working group.

I acknowledge that Budease (and those that work for them) has limited information that has

been provided by others.  I acknowledge that Budease is not doing any background checks,

screening, or any other investigation into persons who have submitted information to this


I authorize Budease (and those that work for them) to share my name and email address with

others and I am not relying on Budease to screen, verify, or background check any other persons

who provided contact information to this organization  

I release Budease (and those that work for them) from any claim of negligence in providing

matches and will hold Budease harmless from any damages (direct or indirect) that may occur

from the sharing of contact information in this organization.

I understand that I am able to remove your name at any time from this list and no longer share

your information by emailing: banidheer@gmail.com

I understand that Budease does not guarantee a match for my child and that if a friend match is

identified, that Budease is in no way responsible for interactions between families/individuals

once a match is identified.

I have read the above terms and conditions and my name below stands as my signature for


Printed Name____________________________________________

Date ____________________________________________________

Information Form for Bud-Ease Friend Matchmaking Service

The following information will help find the most suitable friend match for your child.

All information will be kept confidential and used solely for purposes of finding a friend match

for your child.

Once you have completed this form, please submit to Jonathan Rhoades and Bani Dheer at the

following email addresses: rhoajo01@gmail.com and banidheer@gmail.com

1. What is your full name and address (address information is asked to find matches in

your location).

2. What is your email address?

3. What is the best contact number for you?

4. What is your child’s full name?

5. What name does your child go by?

6. What is your child’s age?

7. Child’s gender?

8. Child’s pronouns?

9. What is your child’s diagnosis?

10. Please describe the activities and topics in which your child is most interested?

11. Does your child have any additional medical conditions that may be relevant to finding a

suitable friend?

12. What is your child’s primary way of communicating?

13. What are the top 3 traits or qualities you think are most important in a friend match for

your child?

14. Please include any additional information you think could be helpful in finding a suitable friend match for your child.

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