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Resources for Children and Families:

Below you will find some general resources covering a wide range of therapeutic, education, and support offerings.

Teaching Math and Computer Science to Kids with Special Needs
Coping with the Loss of a Loved One
Eliana's Light-Resources for Parents of Children With Complex Medical Conditions
Therapy Animals FAQ

Parenting Education and Workshops:

Parenting Education Program
The YMCA’s “Y’s Words for Parents” Program
Program for Early Parent Support "PEPs"
Parenting Your Challenging Child

Resources for Parents of Adolescents:

Mental Health Resources for Parents of Adolescents and Young Adults
Talking with Teens-The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
For Parents of Adolescents
Families for Depression Awareness
How to Help Depressed Teens
Teen Smoking Cessation and Support
The Recovery Village
Stay Safe Teens

ADHD Support for Parents:

The National Resource on ADHD
Parent ADHD Support Tools
Local CHADD Chapters
Depression in Teens:

Dan Campbell, LCSW-C (703)864-6003
MICAH Therapy, LLC.
Teen Guide to Depression
Teen Mental Health: Depression
Erika's Lighthouse
Dialectical behavior Therapy Self-help Skills
Mental Health Awareness for Teens
Teen Health and Wellness
Teen Support Hotline: For Teens by Teens
Food for Thought
Diet and Mental Health
Wristband Resources: A Guide to Depression Awareness
Depression Army
No one Taught Me Human Side of Islam

Teens and Social Media:

The Impact of Social Media on Children, Teens, and Families
Examination of Social Media Usage on Body Image and Self-Identity
Understanding Social Media and its Connection to Social Anxiety
Social Media and Self-Doubt in Teens: How parents can help
Tips for Limiting Smartphone and Social Media Use
Parent Tips for Limiting Social Media Use In Teens

Support for your Child with Anxiety:

These resources are more specific to the field of developmental conditions and include information on addressing different conditions at various times of important developmental transitions across the lifespan.

Nina Kayce, PsyD.
Center for Assessment and Treatment
Weinfeld Education Group
Applebaum Vision, P.C. 
Verbal Beginnings
Pamela Phelan Meek, PhD.
Little Leaves Behavior Services
Neurobehavior Services
Jacob's Promise
Imagine Wellness, LLC.
Hilm Autism Center
Kennedy Krieger Institute
Dr. Roby Marcou
Continuum Autism Spectrum Alliance
Holistic Home and Community Services
Child Centered Solutions, LLC.
Erica Edelman, Licensed School Specialist-301-257-8959

Autism Spectrum Disorder Resources:

General Autism Resources
Create An Autism Friendly Playroom!
Partnership for Extraordinary Minds
MC NEEDS Yahoo Information and Support Group
Achieving True Self
Jewish Social Service Agency
Center for Autism Through the Lifespan
Autism Initiatives at Kennedy Krieger Institute
The Autism Society
Autism Speaks DC Metropolitan Region Chapter National Autism Association
My Autism Team
CSAAC: Programs and Services for children and adults with Autism
Pathfinders for Autism
UpCounty Community Resources
Living with Sensory Overload
Confidentiality Social Story
Abilities Network Autism Services
Autism Ambassadors
Autism FYI Organization
Autism NOW
Continuum Autism Behavior Analyst
Communicating with an Autistic Child: A Parent’s Guide
Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children (CSAAC)
Community Support Services, Inc.
F.A.C.E The Movement
Families for Early Autism Treatment
Ivymount School
Kliens Education & Health Care Services, Inc.
Little Leaves Behavioral Services
MCASA (Montgomery County Autism Society of America)
Madison House Autism Foundation
Music for Autism
My Child was just identified with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Now What Do I Do?
The League for People with Disabilities, Inc (A.S.A.P Autism Services & Programs)

University of Maryland Autism Research Consortium
Sleep Issues in Autism
Sleep Help!
ABA Resources

Down Syndrome:

Down Syndrome Network of Montgomery County
National Down Syndrome Congress

National Down Syndrome Society

Cerebral Palsy:
Cerebral Palsy Group
Cerebral Palsy Guide

United Community Connections

Behavior Tools and Resources for Parents:

Confidentiality Social Story Make Your Own Social Story 
Social Stories Ready Made and Ready to Go!
From the Creator of Social Stories
Challenging Behaviors Toolkit
15 Behavior Support Strategies for Children on the Autism Spectrum
Classroom Behavior Management Strategies
Tips for Managing Aggression and Difficult Behaviors
Guiding Exceptional Parents, LLC.
Little Leaves Behavioral Services
Proud Moments Therapy
Pegasus Therapy, LLC.

Parent Support for Children with Special Needs:

Educating Others About Disability Etiquette
MC NEEDS Yahoo Information and Support Group
The Parent’s Place of Maryland
Parent Support Group
Family Workshops and Groups
Child Identity Theft Protection
Autism and Safety Facts
MC Transitions
Open Doors Organization
Pacer Center (Related Educational Websites About Child Disability and Teen Bullying Support)
The Bully Project-Special Needs
The Arc of Howard County
The Arc of Prince Georges County
The Arc of Montgomery County
The Arc of Frederick County

Sibling Support:

Autism Society-Siblings
By Their Side
Lollipop Kids Foundation
Sibling Support Project

Support Group for Mother’s of Special Needs Children

Respite Care Services:

Summit Camp Weekender Program
F.A.C.E’s Place Respite Care (Children)
Jill’s House
Maggie’s Light
Nathaniel’s Hope
Nursing Home Abuse Guide

Respite Services of Montgomery County

Parent Support for Children with Special Needs and Sleep Issues:

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sleep
Autism Speaks-Sleep Disorders and Sleep Difficulty
Web MD Guide to Sleep Related Disturbances and Autism
Helping Your Child Sleep-The National Autistic Society
Bedtime Tips
Sleep Problems
Support Group for Mother’s of Special Needs
Maryland Family Network
Homeless in the US: Sleep Study & Accommodation Directory 

Dentists Specializing in Children with Special Needs:

Dentistry of Bethesda
Nusmiles, Takoma Park Dentistry
Dr. Golnar Jahanmir
MVP Smiles
We Make Kids Smile

Parent Resources for Children with Special Needs and Autism about Child and Sexual Abuse:

Sensory Overload Help
Autism and Sexual Assault: the Hidden Life on the Spectrum 
Sexual Abuse Risks and Factors
Recognizing and Preventing Sexual Abuse in Children with Autism
Sexual Abuse Counselors and Introducing your Child with Autism to Them
Disability and Abused-Rights Project 
National Disability Rights Network
Office of Crime Victims Directory
Child Help
The Tree House
When a Child Tells about Sexual Abuse
Parenting a Child Who Has Been Sexually Abused

Parent Resources for First Responders and Elopement: 

Specific Tips for Different Professionals and First Responders
BIG RED SAFETY TOOLKIT for First Responders
Autism EMS Tools and Tips
Brief Parent and First Responder Training Video
Important Facts about Wandering
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children-Parent Resources
Wandering and Elopement Resources
Prevention of Elopement Worst Case Scenarios
A Special Needs Guide to Wandering and Elopement

Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy Resources:

The Language Link
Person First Health (Health Care Resources for People with Disabilities)
Center for Communication and Learning
ICAN of Washington, Inc.
ITS for Children and Families: Developmental Therapy Services-Occupational Therapy and Social Skills Therapy
Moco Movement Center
Play on Words Therapy, LLC.
ADL Buddies
American Occupational Therapy Association
Blue Nyle Therapy Services, LLC
Children’s Therapy Center of Columbia 
Dynamic Development Pediatric Services

Motion Education at Dynamite Gymnastics Center
Basic Concepts, LLC (Social and Speech and Language Therapy)
Innovative Speech
Speech Pathways
The Children's Spot
The Agility Center
TeeKoz Kids Pediatric OT
Social Skills via Improv
AutPlay Therapy
Lego Therapy

Adaptive Equipment:

Assistive Technology:

What is Assistive Technology?

Maryland Assistive Technology Network

Maryland Technology Assistance Program (TAP)

Spectronics (Inclusion Learning Technologies)

Unified Community Connection

Transportation Services:

Therapy Resources for Parents of Children with Special Needs:

Family Stories
Counseling for Individuals with Special Needs
Aspergers Adult Group

Parent 2 Parent

Private Case Management Services and Community Support Services:
Care Coordination Services
Jubilee Association of Maryland
The Rock Creek Foundation

Coping with Housing Issues:

Home Ownership for Individuals With Disabilities
Keeping Disabled Persons Safe While Remodeling
Creating a Home Where Your Disabled Child can Thrive
Guide to Remodeling a Home for Adults with Special Needs
Home Accommodations for Special Needs
Tips for Disabled Persons to Declutter and Organize their Home
Ardmore Enterprises, Inc.
Renters Rights for People with Disabilities
College Living Experience
Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children (CSAAC)
Community Support Services, Inc.
Compass, Inc.
Cornerstone Montgomery, Inc.
Developmental Disabilities Administration
Grafton Adult Services, employment and residential services
Housing Opportunities Commission
Jewish Foundation for Group Homes
Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute
Main Street
RCM of Washington
Target Community and Educational Services

Unified Community Connection
Special Needs Safety Around Construction Sites
Renters’ Rights for People with Disabilities

Moving for Seniors and People with Disabilities
Home Modifications and Selling Your Home

Disabled Home Modification Checklists and Funding

Managing Sensory Processing Issues At Home
Cleaner Indoor Air & Chemical Sensitivities

Legal Assistance and Advocacy:

Maryland Disability Law Center
NOLO Law: Legal Resources for Adults and Families
Legal Resources for Special Needs
Use of Language Terms in the Disability Community
Family Legal Advocacy Group
Law Office of Michael S. Gerton: Specializing in Educational Rights under IDEA
Brian K. Gruber: Specializing in Special Education Law
Savit and Szymkowicz: Specializing in Special Education Law
ABLE National Resource Center (ABLE act passed in MD)
By Their Side
Callegary & Steedman, P.A
Fierst & Fink, P.A
Handout from Callegary & Steedman, P.A-Special Needs Trusts
Handout from Callegary & Steedman, P.A-Legal Issues
Johnson Law Group International, PLLC
Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates
McAndrews Law Office P.C
M&L Special Needs Planning
Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities
Shared Horizons, Inc. (Special Needs Trusts)
The Arc of Frederick County-Future and Estate Planning
The Curran Knittle Group at Morgan Stanley
The Washington Group Special Care Planning Team

Walsh Wealth Strategies

Transitioning Youth and Aging out Individuals:

Advocacy and Independence:

Driving Office (Permit Practice & Road Sign Tests)

Vocational Services:

Easter Seals Aleshia Whatley-The Arc of Montgomery County
Broad Futures
Excellent Resource for Individuals with Disabilities Interested in Starting a Business Maryland Department of Rehabilitation Services
Private Employment Services
Transcen Career and Workforce Development
Disability Resources from the Department of Labor
Bridges to Work Program
Skills Living-Skills for Transitioning to the Workplace
Abilities Network
Broad Futures
Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children (CSAAC)
Community Support Services, Inc.
Cornerstone Montgomery, Inc.
Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)
Jewish Foundation for Group Homes
Jewish Social Services Agency
Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute
Montgomery Works
Next Level Transition Consulting
Project SEARCH (Ivymount School/SEEC)
RCM of Washington
Red Wiggler Farm
Rehabilitation Opportunities, Inc (ROI)
Shared Support Maryland, Inc.
Social Security Ticket To Work
St. Coletta of Greater Washington
Sunflower Bakery
Target Community and Educational Services
The League for People with Disabilities, Inc.
The Treatment and Learning Center (Outcomes)
TransCen, Inc
Transitioning Youth Retail Project

Unified Community Connection
Vocational Training for Adults with Special Needs

E Groups and Websites for Parents of Children with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities:

Living With A Disability
My Child without Limits
Support Group for Parents of Children with Aspergers
Information on Autism Spectrum Disorder Related Services
Parents with Transition-age children
Jewish Social Service Agency
The Mighty
Partnership for Extraordinary Minds
Caring 4 Our Kids
The World According to Jake

E Groups and Websites for Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities:

Wrong Planet (a blog and online community resource for young adults with Asperger’s Syndrome)
IBelong! Canada-based Organization for Developmental Conditions with Great Resources!
Autism Social Networks
National Autism Social Networking Site
The Autism Social Network 
Understanding my Friends with Autism (video)
Explaining Autism to Children: Autism and Me (video)
A Teen’s Guide to Autism
“Creating a Good Life in Community” (Simple Language Version)
Navigating the Dating World for Adults with Autism

Day Programs:

Ardmore Enterprises, Inc.
Community Support Services, Inc.
Cornerstone Montgomery, Inc.
Developmental Disabilities Administration
Easter Seals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore
Grafton Adult Services, employment and residential services
Jewish Foundation for Group Homes (MOST)
Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute
RCM of Washington
St. Coletta of Greater Washington
Target Community and Educational Services
The Arc Montgomery County
The League for People with Disabilities, Inc.
Unified Community Connection

Recreation and Socialization:

Chuck E. Cheese's Sensory Sunday
The Fun Bunch Social Group
Living with Disabilities Meetup
Potomac Community Resources
Montgomery County Special Olympics
Fitness for Health (exercise for Young People with Disabilities)
Spirit Club (Health and Fitness)
Kids Enjoy Exercise Now
Best Buds Camp for Children with Autism
Summit Camp (sleep away camp for children and teens with ASD and other conditions)
Montgomery County Department of Recreation
Autism Speaks D.C. Chapter Events Calendar
Kids Being Kids
Autism On The Seas
Best Buddies Maryland
Brookland Community Resources
Casey Cares Foundation
DREAM Club (Only for Montgomery College Students)
Hang Out Hive
Haven Universe
Ivymount Outreach Programs
Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington (Social Groups)
Jubilee Reaching Out Programs
Melwood Recreation Center
Montgomery County Therapeutic Recreation
Potomac Community Resources, Inc.
Summit Teen Travel
Teens Like Us Social Group
The Guided Tour (Supervised Vacation Program)
Upcounty Community Resources
Adaptive Swim Sessions (YMCA Bethesda)
Gudelsky Exceptional Swim Program (JCC)
Dobre Gymnastics, LLC.
Drums for Kids
Creating a Safe Backyard Environment

Sports Opportunities:

Accessible Sailing (Lollipop Kids Foundation)
Ageless Grace
Baltimore Adapted Recreation and Sports
Baltimore’s Downtown Sailing Center 
Children’s Adaptive Team Sports
Dreams for Kids- Extreme Recess
Fitness for Health
Heights & Beyond
Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN)
Maryland Ravens
Medstar National Rehabilitation Network: Adaptive Sports & Fitness Programs
Montgomery Cheetahs Ice Hockey
Motion Academy at Dynamite Gymnastics Center
Silver Star Gymnastics
S.P.I.R.I.T Club
Special Olympics Maryland
Team Up For One Foundation
TheraFit Gym

The Miracle League of Montgomery County, Maryland (Baseball)
Cima Studios
NOVA Cool Cats Hockey
YMCA website with links to other local YMCAs

Equine Therapy:

Circle of Hope Therapeutic Riding
Equine Therapy Associates
Great and Small
Kent Association of Riding Therapy (KART)
Lift Me Up
Mane Event Equestrian Programs, Inc.
REINS Therapeutic Services

Special Needs Riding at Wheaton Park Stables
Great and Small Therapeutic Riding
Potomac Horse Center


ALL ACCESS Digital Arts Camp
Basic Concepts, LLC
Brainy Camps
Camp Aristotle at the Auburn School
Camp Aristotle
Camp Variety
Camp Inspire
Camp Inclusion
Camp CWC
Camp Connections, Inc.
Camp Calvert
Camp Atlantic
Camp Attaway
Camp Holiday Trail
Camp Lee Mar
Camp Live Out Loud (LOL)!
Camp Pals
Camp Starfish
Camp Summer Smile (For Individuals with Down Syndrome)
Camp Superkids (Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center) 
Deaf Camps, Inc.
Diener Summer Camp
Easter Seals Camp Fairlee
Ivymount School Outreach Programs
Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington (Summer Camp)
Kids Being Kids LLC
Melwood-Camp Accomplish
Muscular Dystrophy Association Camp
REINS Therapeutic Services Summer Camp
Summit Camp
Take2 Summer Camp
Tips on Trips and Camps
The League at Camp Greentop

Zeno Mountain Farm
Jacob's Soccer Camp
Celebrate Ability
Summer Buddies
Minders Connect

Art Groups and Performing Arts for Individuals with Disabilities:

Art Stream (Art Programs for Individuals of all Ages)
Vis Arts
Art Classes at Glen Echo
Sensory Mornings at the Walter's Art Museum
Black Rock center for the Arts
Potomac Youth Ballet
Metropolitan Ballet Theatre and Academy A classical ballet school which is inclusive and accepts all students, including students with disabilities.
Capital Music Therapy Services
CREATE Arts Center
Devenio in Motion
Imagination Stage
InterPLAY Company Band
Levine Music
Make Studio


Dating Resources for Individuals With Autism:

Education Information:

MANSEF Navigating Learning Disabilities and the Costs of Treatment
Ratings of Schools Specializing in Autism
Special Education at Kennedy Krieger
Autism Services in Montgomery County Public Schools
Special Needs Schools in MD, DC, and VA 
The Katherine Thomas School: Private School for Learning Differences
The Frost School
The Carl Sandburg Learning Center


LowVision Internet Gateway
Finding Trustworthy Medical Information for Your family Member
How to Find a Good Doctor
Special Needs Checklist: How Disability-Friendly is Your City?

Resources with no Identified Website:

Autism Discoveries LLC
Services: Social skills therapy; Behavioral therapy; Special education law; Educational consulting
Contact: Katy Fowle;

Jean Hickey, M.ED.
Services: Individual educational therapy, educational consulting, parent training and support
Contact: 240-460-5306;

Eric Jorgensen
Services: Financial Planning, CFP, ChFEBC
Contact:; 860-884-0540

Prakash Law, LLC.
Services: Special education law
Contact: Anjali Prakash,
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