October 7, 2020

COVID Halloween Fun!

Hey Folks!

This is my first post here at JMR Counseling. Let me introduce myself! My name is Juliette. I received my BA focused in Psychology from McDaniel College. Currently, I am in my first year of my Masters of Social Work Program at University of Maryland, Baltimore. I am very excited to be a student intern with JMR Counseling and I look forward to engaging in this space with you all. 

For today’s blog post, I would to talk about the changing seasons, and the upcoming holidays including Halloween! For those who celebrate, you may have been wondering how celebrations could look different this year as we navigate life during Covid-19. Here are some ideas! Check out the links at the bottom of this post to learn more.

Here are just a few activities and ideas for celebrating Halloween safely this October. 

  1. Virtual costume parties

    1. This is a great way for you to engage socially with friends and family while at home. You can get creative with it! Because you won’t be outside, this may actually be a unique chance to show off you or your child’s costume without it being hidden under a coat.

  2. Netflix party

    1. Another idea in line with the virtual setting, can be to watch a festive movie with friends through the Netflix party extension. This enables you to chat live with friends as you watch the same movie. 

    2. Here is a link with instructions on how to download Netflix Party https://www.cnet.com/how-to/still-havent-tried-netflix-party-with-your-friends-heres-how-to-watch-movies-together-for-free/

  3. Carving or decorating pumpkins

    1. According to the CDC, lower risk activities include carving or decorating pumpkins outside and at safe distance with friends or neighbors! 

    2. An alternative to carving pumpkins can be decorating them with paint, stickers, or fun push-in additions (such as bat wings or arms like Mr. Potato head!). Target and Michaels typically have a variety of options, and so do many online stores including Amazon.

Let’s talk about masks! Masks are often a staple of Halloween costumes. How can we incorporate them in a safe way this holiday? If you opt for some physically-distanced Halloween and fall activities, wearing a festive mask could add a sense of style and fun, while keeping you and others safe. You could even find a design to match with a costume. Etsy.com, for example, has a wide variety of face masks, with tons of unique and halloween-themed designs. Do you have a friend or neighbor that makes masks? Maybe you can reach out and see who in your community could design some fun and festive masks.

As we transition to colder weather and continue to navigate life during a pandemic, let’s hold space for each other as we adjust and process our feelings that may arise during this time. I hope this post spreads some positivity your way.

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Halloween!

Check out some links below


Wearing a mask social story. Image above 


Best seller, masks with various designs including pumpkins and skulls! Image above. 


Best seller masks that could match a costume. Images above. 



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