November 13, 2019

The ABC's of Dating and Relationships

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are having a very happy November and are getting ready for the holidays.  This is the first post I have done in several months as I have been working on a new project with a focus group consisting of young adults with Autism and other developmental diagnoses.  I am really excited to share the first part of our project called "THE ABC's OF DATING AND RELATIONSHIPS".  We took each letter of the alphabet and assigned a different concept, tool, or observation about the whole process of dating to it based on the first letter.  We then brainstormed several "facts" about each of the identified concepts that the participants wished they had known, but did not, before starting out on their own dating journey.
Starting with this first round of advice on dating and finding relationships, by young people with developmental diagnoses for other young people with developmental diagnoses, we are hoping to expand on the range of topics, concepts, tools, and challenges that are faced by everyone looking to date, but are more challenging for those who live with developmental diagnoses.  We have included a "teaser" about texting etiquette called "textiquette" (copyrighted 11-02-2019) of one potential format.  Eventually, we are hoping to create a "living and evolving" resource that can serve as a handbook on dating and relationships, but with a focus toward addressing the unique challenges faced by this particular community.  We hope you find our initial effort as fun and informative as it was for us to create.  Thank you!

(Please note that the following document is trademarked and copyrighted for the purposes of protecting and honoring the group member's intellectual property.  This document may not be re-duplicated or disseminated in any way without express permission from myself and the group members)


  1. I want to personally thank you for accepting our invite to present to the students in the RISE Program at the OWCA. Although our participants were all on different levels I believe you kept them engaged and helped everyone feel included. I like how you used the ball to connect with the participants and learn their names. Then you remembered their names when they asked or answered questions. I also like the fact that you were open to their questions and you were able to tie in their questions to keep them relevant to the topic of discussion.

  2. I really appreciate your insights and feel grateful that we found you!

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