May 9, 2019

The Social Plan Part Two: Rejection

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all having a happy May.  This month's post focuses on what you and your child can do to stay positive when your friends are not able to hang out with you.  There are many reasons why your friends may not be able to commit to a hang-out plan.  Most of those reasons have nothing to do with your friends thinking you are a loser (honestly).  Sometimes they will just not to hang out; even more rarely your friend does not think of you as a friend and does not want to hang out for that reason.  That last reason is very, very uncommon.  Yet, if that is the reason why your friend does not want to hang out, well then, they are not your friend.  Unfortunately, you will rarely know the reasons behind why your friend is not able to hang-out with you.  It's not worth the stress or effort of trying to understand why.  Here are some ideas for what you can do with that mental and emotional energy instead, which will be much more helpful for you and your confidence.


  1. This has been so helpful for my son. He's been having a really hard time dealing with rejection lately and this has been a great tool for helping him cope. Thank you!