April 18, 2017

Great Day Washington Features Segment on Dating with Autism

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share the link to the segment on dating with autism, which aired on CBS News 9's "Great Day Washington", on April 6th of this year.  It was a great opportunity to spread the word about a little known or understood aspect of life for a significant population in our community and country as a whole.  Please check it out by clicking the link!

I would like to thank Lindsey Nebeker and Sam Smith for their willingness to join me in talking about dating with autism.  Lindsey works for the Autism Society of America and was featured in the award winning documentary "Autism in Love", which won several awards and is on Netflix.  Sam Smith is a local resident of Montgomery County, Maryland, and is active in the local autism community where he provides advocacy as well as support to people and their families with autism.  Also in this picture are Chris Leary, co-host of Great Day Washington, and Darrell Green of the Washington Redskins.

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