June 18, 2018

Podcast Episode About Friendship

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all having a happy June.  Recently, I was interviewed by the "Better With You" podcast about some of my experiences working with young people with developmental diagnoses on issues around making and keeping friends.  When first approached to do the episode, I thought it would be important to focus on how capable and successful individuals with developmental diagnoses are at making and keeping friends.  It was also equally important to me to focus on why there are so many misconceptions about their social/emotional abilities and challenge them by using observations from different points in my career working with these individuals.  I hope you will be able to take a listen by clicking on the links below.  

Stitcher (You can stream through your browser)

You can also search find the episode on Apple Podcasts, Google podcasts, and most other Podcast apps by searching "Better With You" 

I am also excited to hopefully doing future episodes and would love to hear your stories about your child, other family member, or yourself for that matter.  You can email me directly at rhoajo01@gmail.com if interested in sharing your story.  Together we can put an end to these misconceptions of people with developmental diagnoses being individuals without emotions, having no social abilities, being totally clueless to others, and not being capable of or desiring longterm relationships.

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  1. You are a terrific asset to the community and a great resource for families!