May 26, 2017

I Am Adding to My Practice

Hello Everyone,

Image result for autism and parent relationshipsI am pleased to announce that my recent series of child-parent sessions "Coping with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Unique Challenges Need Unique Solutions" was a big success!  The people in attendance asked many great questions and many important issues were discussed.  Due to the feedback from the sessions, I am happy to announce that I will be expanding my practice to include a consultation service for parents to address specific behavior and daily functioning issues facing their children and families.  Some of the issues I can assist parents with include:

dating and relationships
making and keeping friends
managing social media anxiety and cyber bullying
creating safe sensory environments
improving self-expression and communication skills
improving self-soothing and behavior management
understanding behavior's purpose as a tool of communication
developing behavior plans to replace inappropriate behaviors
strengthening relationships between parents and family member

While children with autism do share some similarities in their presentation, they are more often than not unique and require specialized interventions specific to them.  Behaviors change with the child; what may have solved a behavior issue before may not work now, nor may inappropriate behaviors from early childhood be as disruptive as recently revealed ones.  Using functional behavior analysis, detailed histories of past and presenting issues, collaboration with supporting providers, and proven therapeutic techniques, I work with parents to develop specific solutions designed around their children's unique needs.

Image result for autism and parent relationshipsIf you are struggling with helping your child or family member with autism manage a difficult life situation, please give me a call or email me directly at I would be happy to speak with you about setting up a consultation, and start the process of helping you and your family fix the problem, not the person. 

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