January 23, 2016

Using Infographics to Identify Different Relationships and Levels of Intimacy

Recently, a visitor to my website shared an interesting article, which uses infographics to describe and outline different types of relationships.  An infographic is an interesting way to present information with the use of images or pictures clearly.  Infographics are really useful ways to teach individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, particularly those with language processing issues, because they rely on concrete images to create a link between abstract concepts and ideas.  This enables information to be processed and retained with greater accuracy than relying on having to process information via listening.  Infographics are also really great for the more visual learner regardless of cognitive functioning.  

The infographics in this article combine pictures with text to describe the diffrences between several different types of common relationships: casual (friends), more intimate (boyfriend-girlfriend), and life partner (such as marriage).  They can be used along with the statistic information to help guide you as you look at your relationship and where you might like for it to go in the future.  You read this article by clicking on the hyperlink:

How to Find Out What Type of Relationship You are in

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